The checklist for ADD/ADHD is purely subjective.  Many question
the science behind it.  It's important for parents to look at the
whole picture before accepting an ADD diagnosis that could lead to

ADD or Food allergies?

Chemical sensitivities?

Nutritional deficiencies?

Food Additives and Behavior

The Feingold Diet *must see!!*

Color Johnny Hyperactive

Why Can't My Child Behave? by Jane Hershey  *great book*

Born to Explore: The Other Side of ADD

ADD or Inappropriate Behavioral Expectations?

The New First Grade: Too Much Too Soon?

Please consider whether nor not the behavioral expectations at
school are developmentally appropriate for your child. Let's let kids
be kids!  Why are we asking energetic five year old boys (and girls)
to sit and complete busywork for six hours a day?  What happened
to recess?

ADD or Visual Spatial Learner?

Visual Spatial learners don't typically cope well with traditional teaching

Raising Topsy Turvy Kids

ADD or Gifted?

Don't assume your child isn't intelligent if he/she doesn't do well in

Hoagies' Gifted Page

ADD or Sensory Issues?

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation
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